Profekt promises realistic look and durability

A wooden deck is likely to get decayed and have an ugly look due to the bad effects of harsh weather. Rain and snow as well as powerful winds can be deemed as most effective external factors that contributes to decks decaying or rotting. However in such cases, you do not have to necessarily replace your wooden decks as some practical products have been developed to serve this purpose without needing to replace the decks.

One can simply use these products to cover the surface of their decks and remove that ugly look within short time rather than just replacing them with new ones. With regards to the look the both processes yield, there is no remarkable difference between replacing decks and covering them with a deck covering product. For that reason, deck covering products have seen a serious interest by users. The fact that these type of products are budget friendly low cost alternatives also contributes to this intense popularity.

The profekt is one of the most popular deck covering product available at retail stores. The prominent success of the profekt is a result of effectiveness and being an affordable alternative option. By using profekt brand deck covering material, you can turn your old, decayed, rotted decks into beautiful ones that look as fresh as new wooden decks. Even if it is just a covering product , the effective result it gives, makes it a a leading product on the market. It is regarded as the best deck covering product when compared to other competitor products available on the market. Many of decorators would recommend using profekt for deck covering purposes.

There are various deck covering products in different qualities based on parent materials they consist of as well as several other features. Currently available deck covering products  consist of pvc or composite materials. While determining the quality of a certain deck covering product, there are several criterias we should consider. When making an quality assessment, we should care about the material used to produce the product, thickness which determines the durability, the color and design versatility. The profekt keeps increasing it’s popularity because it meets all of these criterias that make a product quality.

A standard profekt product comes as a roll consisting of material in 34 ft. length, 3 mm. thickness and 5.5 inch width. Also profekt products come in various colors and patterns which include Cedar, Redwood, Sea Coast Gray and Natural Tobacco Barn.

In order to determine how many rolls you need to cover your decks completely, you will need to know dimensions of your decks. After you made an accurate calculation, you can purchase as many rolls as you need.

The next phase is applying this product to your decks. Thanks to the practicality the profekt offers, you do not have to be a professional to cover your deck surface. Even if you are a beginner, you can apply profekt to the surface of your deck. In order to get a good result, you should clean the surface and make it smooth for an easier application and better look.
The profekt deck cover will remain in the same gorgeous look and will last for long times.


Outdoor Decking Options

There are many alternatives when it comes to decking. Knowing the pros and cons of these alternatives will help the selection of the correct decking material. Let’s take a brief look at the properties of these materials.

Wood is a traditional material for decking, and it looks natural. There are many options such as red cedar, teak, mahogany and other hardwoods. Some of them are among the most inexpensive decking material available. However, their characteristics vary widely, and cheaper woods may not be very durable. Wood decks should be regularly cleaned and even sanded and polished to maintain their appearance. Availability and price of wood decks vary by region.

Composite decking materials have a wide variety. The first-generation decking materials, made up of a blende of wood by-products and plastic, performed much better than wood against cracking, abrasion, splitting and weather conditions. But these first-generation composites also had problems such as discoloration, staining and mold. Especially sun rays were a major problem. Composite materials were improved over time to eliminate such problems.

Although PVC was not a highly preferred material at first, it has proved itself over time and its use and options have gradually increased. Advances in technology have significantly eliminated the staining and fading problems of this material. It is a lightweight material and it is easy to install. Its heat retention is less than their alternatives and thus it is highly popular for decking applications near pools.

Aluminum decks are not only durable and lightweight, but they also require only minimum maintenance. Especially being recyclable makes them a favorite option for many people. In addition, they do not attract mold and they are not affected by termites over time. Aluminum is a lightweight material so it labor and installation costs are lower. It is the most durable material on the market and almost the only maintenance it needs is occasional cleaning. However, it also has disadvantages. Aluminum decks are relatively an expensive option and their costs may be twice or more as expensive as wood, composite or PVC decking. That upfront cost may be too high for some homeowners. Also, some homeowners feel that they are not as beautiful and aesthetic as their alternatives.

Each decking material has its pros and cons. Also, new options such as deck strips (for renovation projects) are emerging. Homeowners may make information-based decisions by comparing the alternatives in terms of their cost, aesthetics, durability, ease of maintenance and installation.

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